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The Transformative Advisor podcast empowers small business advisors to forge high impact (i.e., transformative) client relationships. In addition to informative and entertaining banter between your co-hosts Joe Woodard and Ben Ross, the podcast series offers the following highly informative segments focused on small business transformation:

  • “Crossing the Rubicon” – Overcoming barriers for advisors in adopting transformative work
  • “The Deep Dive” – A highly focused look at one of the three types of transformative work: Financial Advisory, Operational Advisor and Technology Advisor
  • “Getting it Done” – A straight forward, practical transformative action you can take each month with one or more clients
  • “Around the Globe” – An update on small business trends and technology and the impact on transformative work
  • “Wall of Heroes” – Examples of transformative advisors (often with guest appearances) and the impact they have on their clients
  • “Movers and Shakers” – Published works and thought leadership in the areas of business coaching, reporting, and development
  • “Mail Bag” – Responses to comments and questions presented on Twitter using the hashtag #transadvisor

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Episode 1

“Starting with Why: The Compelling Case for Transformative Advisory”

Joe Woodard and Ben Ross

In this episode, Joe and Ben introduce the podcast series and the three key areas of transformation work: Financial Advisory, Operational Advisory and Technology Advisory.

Drawing from their own journey toward transformation work, Joe and Ben cover their successes and failures along the way, lessons learned, and practical actions any small business advisor can take to lean into transformative advisory work.

Episode 2

Embracing Financial Advisory: A Bookkeeper’s Journey

Joe Woodard and Ben Ross

In this episode, Joe and Ben spend time exploring how best start the advisory journey and provide the case study experience of some accountants who are taking their first steps in advisory services, Randi Rose & Gayle Goldman from Thrive Business Services.

The episode also includes a selection of recurring segments like: Things I Like…Things I Don’t Like, The Deep Dive, Crossing the Rubicon, Wall of Heroes, and Getting it Done

Episode 3

Transformation through Client Recovery: Confidently Jumping into the Fray

Joe Woodard and Ben Ross

In this episode Joe and Ben begin, as always, with what they like and don’t like – with a connection to transformation work, they take a deep dive on technology advisory and challenge small business advisors to explore Zapier as a no-code way to connect client technologies, they interview Margot Pokopac during the “Hall of Heroes” segment, and for the “Getting Things Done” segment they wrap up with focus on turnaround and recovery work.

Episode 4

The Technology Play: An Entry Point for Building Transformative Relationships

Joe Woodard and Ben Ross

In this episode Joe and Ben begin, as always, with what they like and don’t like – with a connection to transformation work and then for the “Wall of Heroes” segment, Joe and Ben interview Pam Madytianos from Two Peas Business Advisors who talks about ways she advises clients on technology and the way she uses technology to forge meaningful, long term and high impact client relationships.

Joe and Ben also discuss what they like and don’t like (and the impact on transformation work), ways to overcome barriers in embracing advisory services, and round off with a practical challenge to the listeners.

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