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The Transformative Advisor Article Series


Joe Woodard partnered with AcccountingWEB to offer an article series focused on transformative advisory services. Articles in the series, alongside the Transformative Advisor Podcast and the Transformative Advisor Webinar Series, will focus on:

  • The three primary ways small business advisors transform small businesses: Financial Advisory, Operational Advisory and Technology Advisory
  • Challenges for accountants and bookkeepers in assuming a more proactive, transformative role.
  • Practical steps for accountants and bookkeepers to move…as Joe calls it…”from the back office to the board room,” to play a coaching role with clients.
  • …and More!

Article 1

What Do Accountants Really “Sell?”

Over the past few years I have asked thousands of accountants and bookkeepers a fill-in-the-blank question – “Don’t sell me accounting services, sell me…”

The answers are insightful and center around what we call “transformation work.”

Some of the answers provided by accountants and bookkeepers include: Psychological well-being, knowledge, solutions, process, time back (i.e. adaptive capacity), direction, opportunity, measurements/metrics, automation, standardization, leadership, coaching, profits, scalability, work-life harmonization, financial security, strategic planning, visibility/clarity, and stability.

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