ProAdvisor Master Class
I understand my registration for this event is non-refundable and non-transferable. By registering for this event, I’m authorizing Woodard Events, LLC – an Intuit Contractor – to charge my credit card for my registration for the Master ProAdvisor Class for which I am registering. I further agree that I will not dispute the charge processed by Woodard Events, LLC as part of this Master ProAdvisor Class registration. I authorize Intuit and Woodard Events to contact me for matters related to the Master ProAdvisor Class for which I am registering.

Scaling New Heights:
I understand that some sessions at Scaling New Heights prepare me to take product certification exams, but that attendance at these sessions without passing the respective exam does not provide me with a certification status. I further understand that attending the session does not guarantee I will pass the certification exam.

I understand that I can cancel my conference registration through February 28, 2018 with a $50.00 per person cancellation fee and that there is no refund after February 28, 2018.

Woodard Network:
I understand that as a monthly member, I will be billed once a month and can cancel at any time. As an annual Network member, I can cancel at the end of my 12 month subscription with 30 days prior notification. If at any time during my annual subscription and with notification, I can modify my subscription to monthly.

Woodard Institute:
I understand that the Woodard Institute Subscriptions Program is a one year commitment. I will be billed once a month for 12 consecutive months. I can cancel at the end of my 12 month subscription with 60 days prior notification.

I expressly grant my permission for myself to be photographed, audiotaped or videotaped at Scaling New Heights and for said photographs, video or audio content to be used by Woodard Events, LLC as it deems fit, in Woodard Events, LLC’s sole discretion. I understand Woodard Events, LLC shall own all intellectual property rights, if any, arising in connection there with, and I further agree and acknowledge that I shall not receive (or be entitled to receive) any compensation from Woodard Events, LLC for any such usage.

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