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Moving Beyond Bookkeeping and Compliance into the Role of Advisor

Robin Hall and Gale Kirsopp


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As technology continues to expand and integrate with accounting software, many of the day to day operations of bookkeeping and compliance have become automated. Technological advances have opened the door to accounting professionals to allow them to move firmly into the realm of small business advisor. In this podcast episode, Joe speaks with Robin Hall and Gale Kirsopp these opportunities.


Building and Leading a Team

Clayton Oates


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Why did you enter the accounting profession? For many, the reason has a lot to do with a comfort in working with numbers, and not very much to do with the desire to lead a team. In this episode, Joe speaks with Clayton Oates about hiring, challenges with team members, and key advice for accountants who want to be better leaders.


Finding and Retaining the Right Clients

Hector Garcia and Patricia Hendrix


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How do you measure the success of your practice? Many accounting professionals work diligently to increase the number of clients engaged, without developing and implementing a process for acquiring and retaining the right clients. In this podcast, Joe speaks with two powerful practitioners (Patricia Hendrix of Ten Key Business Solutions and Hector Garcia of Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting) about client acquisition and retention strategies.


Becoming & Remaining Distinctive

Stephen King and Laura Redmond


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The profession is crowded. There are hundreds of thousands of CPAs, tax preparers and bookkeepers actively practicing in the United States alone. The profession is also commoditized. Crowding, massive national franchises and technology shifts cause many practitioners to compete on price – to use price point as their distinction.

In this podcast we take this challenge head on with two of the nation’s leading practitioners (Laura Redmond or Redmond Accounting and Steve King of Growthforce). These cutting edge leaders perpetually create distinction in their firms in the areas of culture, service delivery, efficiency, and effectiveness (i.e. value) to increase margins in an increasingly competitive and commoditized profession.


Making Yourself and Your Practice an Agent of Small Business Transformation

Sandra Wiley


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In Part 5 of our series featuring the 2016 Most Powerful Women in Accounting, Joe speaks with Sandra Wiley. Sandra is the President of Boomer Consulting, Inc. and has been consistently recognized as one of the most influential people in accounting. In this episode, Joe and Sandra discuss integral aspects of firm management, including the characteristics of a strong leader and how create a working team culture, as well as concrete actions to move your firm to the Client Advisory Services model.


Episode 23

The Power of Standardized Processes and Procedures

Dawn Brolin


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In Part 4 of our series featuring the 2016 Most Powerful Women in Accounting, Joe speaks with Dawn Brolin. Dawn is the managing member of Powerful Accounting, an accounting and consulting firm that recently added a powerful niche to their services – IRS audit & bankruptcy accounting. Joe and Dawn discuss her journey from sole practitioner to firm builder, how she has created standard processes and procedures to maximize her firm’s growth, and some of the challenges and opportunities for QuickBooks ProAdvisors in today’s changing technological landscape within the accounting profession.

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