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Physician Compensation Formulas: Is Their A Better Way?

If you work with physicians, there becomes a point in which they all can become frustrated with their practice’s compensation formula. Their frustration could be related to the formula’s complexity, the rewarding bad behaviors, not effectively addressing differences in scope of services (such as call) or their are concerns with how the formula addresses Stark Law. How do advisors address their frustrations. In this session attendees will look at common physician frustrations with compensation formulas and through the use of case studies how the frustrations may be addressed.

Learning Objectives:
• Objectives of physician compensation formulas
• Legal requirements of physician compensation formulas
• Methodologies to address legal requirements and physician frustrations with compensation formulas

Instructor: Ira Bedenbaugh
Length (in minutes): 100
Level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced): Intermediate
Prerequisites: Some knowledge of physician compensation
CPE Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
CPE Hours: 2
EA/AFSP CE Hours: 0
Topic Category: Practice Advancemnet


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