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Non-Profit Organizations 


NPAN – Non-Profit Advisors Network

Resources, tools, training, referrals and peer collaboration
for advisors who serve non-profit organizations.

Featured Partners 

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Providing specialized programs for high-impact revenue development for non-profit organizations

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Low-interest loans on capital assets for non-profits; reduces operating costs and creates community participation


Woodard is partnering with software vendors, industry leaders and specialty service providers to support advisors that would like to participate in this niche market community. More partners will be added and the program will be expanded as we learn together.


This is a huge market with lots of opportunity. There are over 800,000 small non-profits in the US, and most are significantly underperforming. Most lack systems and business management skills to deliver on the missions that they passionately believe in. Most need help, but they don’t realize that they could improve their performance and impact by hiring business expertise.


Whether you currently provide accounting services to non-profit organizations or you would like to add this to your areas of expertise, there is a tremendous opportunity for the services you offer. The need is great, but the opportunity for making a big difference is even greater. Implementing proven methods and systems can transform non-profits and generate the resources that pay for services and at the same time open the doors to growth and important social impact.


This network will help you connect with peers, get training, obtain marketing materials, and generate new leads for your business. We will be launching promotions and generating leads that will go to you and your colleagues as you build expertise in this market.


This network will be the home of best practices, proven methodologies and systems that allow the advisor to offer solutions with a high degree of confidence that this will lead to great outcomes for the client. More importantly, by developing an expertise in non-profit management, you will be able to offer monthly services that are important to building client value and income for your business.


You can either request additional information or jump in with us and we will all develop the non-profit advisors network together. Either way, there is no cost to you.


These documents were created to inform and help non-profit firms and are free to download.

Solutions not Survival from Altruist:

A short collection of articles presents the thinking and practices that are driving the performance and growth in today’s most effective nonprofit organizations.

Financing Guide

Follow this set of questions and actions to determine if the Semble financing program is right for you non-profit clients.

Semble versus Broker comparison

A short collection of articles presents the thinking and practices that are driving the performance and growth in today’s most effective nonprofit organizations.

Types of Financings for non-profits

Here are several examples of the types of financings that can be life-changing for a non-profit organization.

We look forward to building a high-impact network with you!

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