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What is the Woodard Institute?

At Woodard Institute, we empower you to transform small businesses – meaning we show you how to develop more effective client relationships. As part of this process, we expect both you and your clients to receive a significant financial return from your investment in Woodard Institute. At Woodard Institute, we join you in your journey to the next version of your practice providing:

Our coaching program – Woodard Institute – provides education, systems and tools to equip small business advisors to better manage their practices, extend value to their clients, develop specializations, grow their practices, and increase profitability. Woodard Institute also offers an interactive peer-to-peer coaching community to guide you in your journey to the next “version” of your practice and the next version of yourself as a professional.



Develop plans and direction for your business and your career. Learn about options and actions that can take you to the destination you are seeking.


Meet the holistic needs of your clients by honing and expanding your skills in accounting, advisory services, technology consulting and operational consulting.


Convert the investment in your knowledge into realized business results through a unique slate of mentorship services, processes, systems, and resources available only to members of Woodard Institute.


Achieve results with the support of like-minded colleagues. No professional can reach their best potential alone. We build relationships that last a life-time, that infuse your practice with motivation and accountability, and that empower you to realize your absolute best.

The Impact that Woodard Institute Will Have on Your Practice

Woodard Institute is much more than an educational or coaching program. It is a journey for your practice that includes:

• Setting the destination and milestones along your unique path (i.e. setting vision and mission and writing a practice plan).
• Intentional forward movement (i.e. setting and reaching incremental goals).
• Achieving a “next version” of your practice that is more scalable, efficient, profitable, and effective.
• Equipping you to offer high-value business advisory services that elevate your client relationships, increase billable opportunities for your practice and…most importantly…transform your clients.

Choose one of the following paths to achieve your professional goals over the coming year:

Transform my Practice


Transform my Clients


Some of the Goals You Will Achieve in Your First Year:


Woodard Institute FAQ

What is Woodard Institute?

Woodard Institute is an intensive, highly practical coaching program through which members increase profits, grow their practices, and enhance the value they bring their clients. Our vision is to “transform small business through small business advisors.” Woodard Institute engineers agents of small business transformation.

Woodard Institute is a multi-year, high impact program that includes professional development, practice development and advanced practice programs. The Institute is far more than just education. It is a journey from where you are to the next “version” of yourself and your practice. You achieve this through a combination of on-demand learning (and testing), coaching, and peer interaction.

What is the Professional Development Course and Is it the Only Course Offered?

The Professional Development (PD) course is the first phase of your journey to the next version of yourself and the next version of your practice. Though the time to deploy the principles of our Professional Development course vary, many of our members can deploy the principles in as little as one year.

Regardless of the pace you set for your practice, each step of professional development brings a significant return on investment and prepares members for future courses like: Client Advisory Services, Niche Services, Business Coaching and/or Operational Consulting. We will begin offering additional courses Fall 2018.

All programs of Woodard Institute include on-demand learning and peer interaction. Depending on your membership level (Trek, Climb or Ascend) the program may also include deeper peer interaction (through groups no larger than 40 professionals), group coaching sessions and/or personalized coaching.

Why should I join Woodard Institute?

Though some advisors work on their own to develop themselves and their practices, there are several reasons advisors benefit from involvement in Woodard Institute:

  • Trial and error is costly and time consuming. Woodard Institute’s educational programs, mentors, and peer groups equip you to push through the barrier of what to do into how to do it…how to make significant advancements in your practice. Within the first year of involvement, each Institute member develops his or her own business plan, marketing plan and practice plan – with guidance from Woodard – and these plans serve as a road map to your practice’s development and advancement.
  • Taking significant strides in your practice is difficult and exhausting, especially when faced with the daily grind of business operations and client workload. Woodard Institute includes an accountability component (from peers and your facilitator/mentor) to help you overcome the resistance you may encounter from the daily demands of your practice.
  • Woodard Institute is designed to provide you with a 200% return on your membership investment. We encourage you to set high, but achievable goals and then we and your fellow members work alongside you to achieve those goals over the next 12 months.
How much time will I need to commit?
  • The time commitment varies member by member depending on how quickly you choose to move through the materials and, more importantly, apply the principles within your practice. The business plan, marketing plan and practice plan you develop within the first year of membership will reflect the pace you wish to take in your own practice.That said, we designed each course within the Institute around a cycle as short as one year, meaning you can complete the initial course called “Professional Development” in as little as one year. But, each leg of your journey with the Institute has its own financial benefits – meaning all members should receive a substantial return on the investment regardless of the pace they set, provided they are actively working through the course materials and applying what they learn to their practices.
  • Set goals annually, and then adjust your pace throughout the year, based on seasonal workload, family commitments, etc.
  • If you were to pace yourself to complete the entire professional and practice development course in a single year, you would invest about 6 hours per week, assuming you take as many as 6 weeks off during the year for holidays and heavy work periods. This time estimate assumes you: Read all of the optional books associated with the coursework; Watch all of the on-demand video course modules; Attend virtual meetings with your peer group; Actively participate in online communities, and; Complete all individual and group assignments. Note: We have streamlined reading methodologies that will reduce workload and allow you to glean the essential information from each text.
What is the typical monthly schedule?

The typical monthly schedule varies depending on which engagement level you select. For example,

  • The Trek level is self-paced and is a great option for anyone who is self-determined and/or does not intend to apply the principles of each Institute course within a single year.
  • The Climb level includes a facilitated monthly cohort meeting and multiple team meetings per month. Specific completion dates are set for each course (e.g. Professional Development, Client Advisory Services, Business Coaching, etc.) but team members work together to complete modules at a pace that works best for all members and that fits team-defined milestones.
  • The Ascend level includes one meeting per month with your personal mentor. Membership at the Ascend level assumes (but does not require) you to complete all coursework within a single year.
What are Cohorts and Teams?

Woodard Institute is not just a coaching program, it is also a coaching community. Peer collaboration, peer encouragement and peer accountability are key components to advancing yourself and your practice.

Depending on which program level you select, you will have the following peer collaboration benefits:

  • Trek Community: Trek members are part of a moderated and self-directed online community of small business advisors. The online community is private – available only to Trek members – and Institute management groups members based on how far they have progressed through the Institute course work and exercises. For example, all members who are going through the Professional Development course (the foundation course for the Institute) are in the same online community.
  • Climb and Ascend Cohorts: Climb and Ascend members are part of smaller, heavily focused online communities of 30-40 members. Each cohort has a facilitator/mentor who moderates the community and guides members through their Institute journey. Cohorts for Climb and Ascend are very similar in nature, but most (if not all) members of the Ascend cohorts intend to complete each course (i.e. phase) of the Institute within a single year.
  • Climb and Ascend Teams: Each cohort includes a series of teams, assembled around specific course learnings and practice applications. For example, if a few members of a Climb or Ascend cohort all plan to implement value pricing during the next 3 months, the cohort facilitator/mentor will assemble these members into a team. The team members will then work closely together to select and complete assignments and hold each other accountable to attend meetings, hit targets, complete assignments, and deploy the course principles within their practices.
What are the similarities between Trek, Climb, and Ascend?

The three program levels are all paths to the new version of yourself and your practice. As such, all levels equip advisors to make significant advancements in their practices.

All three membership levels include:

  • Instrumental Content Delivered through On Demand Courses
  • Online Communities to Collaborate with Your Peers
  • Progress Tracking and Oversight from Moderators (Trek), Facilitators (Climb) or Mentors (Ascend) Throughout your Journey
What are the differences between Trek, Climb, and Ascend?
  • Trek is self-paced and self-directed, allowing you to tailor your time and commitment to match your own goals for yourself and your practice. However, self-directed and self-paced doesn’t mean solo. Trek members receive support, accountability and peer-guidance through a moderated online community of fellow Trek members.
  • Climb includes the same on-demand courses as Trek, but with a smaller, tighter-knit community called a “Cohort.” We also form Teams within each Cohort around specific practice goals and course exercises.
    • The Cohort facilitator monitors cohort activities and assembles cohort members into teams based on specific practice goals, affording Climb members with deeper guidance and more comprehensive peer accountability/support.  Your Cohort facilitator conducts one monthly cohort meeting during which you and your fellow Climb members collaborate and discuss assignments.
    • Peer-led accountability Teams of 4-6 Cohort members meet regularly (usually multiple times each month) to collaborate around specific practice goals. Your Cohort facilitator will attend one of your accountability team meetings per month.
  • Ascend is a highly personalized program for members who wish to deploy the principles of the Institute in unique ways and/or at an aggressive pace. Ascend members are part of an elite cohort that includes highly focused teams. Ascend also includes a monthly one-on-one virtual meeting with an Institute mentor and access to the mentor through unlimited online private messaging. As a result, most Ascend members deploy the learnings for each Institute course within a single year…the fastest pace recommended by the Institute. Other Ascend members choose the program solely for the one-on-one interaction with a mentor, choosing to implement the principles at a more steady pace but with stronger accountability and guidance than they receive at the Climb level.
I notice the on-demand listings on the site show only the Professional Development Courses. What comes next?

The Professional Development course is the first course all members take as part of their journey toward the next version of themselves and their practices. Members complete this core course (and apply the principles to their practices) over a period of no less than one year.

After you complete the Professional Development course you have the following options:

  1. Advance to the next Institute course. (See list below)
  2. Enroll in an ACT cohort. ACT cohorts are available at the Climb and Ascend membership levels and focus on the application of course learnings within their practices, allowing a period of practical application before stepping into more advanced course work. The duration of ACT Cohort involvement varies depending on your practice goals and the pace at which you deploy course learnings, but usually range from 3 to 12 months.

Future courses we will offer through the Institute include:

  • Client Advisory Services (CA). The Client Advisory Services course focuses on bookkeeping principles and best practices, coupled with financial analytics and other value-added services. This course equips advisors to introduce extreme efficiency, scale and profitability to their outsourced bookkeeping practices and to leverage the accurate, real time financial information to shift from overhead (record keeping only) to value-added services (record keeping with light business coaching). The Client Advisor Services course also serves as a great transition course to the Niche Practice Development course and the Business Coaching course described below.
  • Niche Practice Development (NP). The Niche Practice Development course focuses on the deployment of course learnings around industry specializations (e.g. legal, construction, nonprofit, wholesale, manufacturing, retail, etc.)
  • Operational Consulting (OP). The Operational Consulting course focuses on the implementation and support of operational solutions like fully-featured accounting solutions, inventory management solutions, point of sale solutions, field service solutions, etc. We designed the operational consulting courses to equip advisors to support larger companies with more complex, multi-phase software implementations and to couple the software systems with value-enhanced services like process consulting and management consulting.
  • Business Coaching (BC). The Business Coaching course focuses on comprehensive business analytics (financial analysis, predictive analytics, key performance indicators, and other measurements) and equips advisors to coach their clients toward the next version of themselves as business owners and to the next version of their businesses. The goal is very similar to Woodard Institute, only Institute members becomes the coaches, deploying many of the same Institute principles to their clients’ businesses.
What is the Price?

The price varies based on your membership level: Trek, Climb or Ascend. Members pay monthly with a one year commitment. We require a one year commitment because each course of the Institute (e.g. Professional Development, Client Advisory Services, Business Coaching, etc.) requires at least one year to complete. Members renew their annual commitment each year they remain in the program, though not all members pace themselves to complete one course in a single year.

Pricing at each membership level is:

  • Trek – $95/month
  • Climb – $295/month
  • Ascend – $795/month

We designed each level of the Institute to generate a return on your investment of at least 200%. Assuming each member works hard at both learning and practice application, Trek members will receive a return of at least $2,400, Climb members will receive a return of at least $7,200, and Ascend members will receive a return of at least $19,200.

When does it start?

Since Trek is self-directed, Trek members can enroll at any time.

We will launch Cohorts for Climb and Ascend members periodically in August, February and May of each year.

Interested in the Institute?

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