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Increase Your Value: How to Create Irresistible Packages

Interested in packages and raising your rates, but not sure how? Then join this interactive Q&A session with renowned business coach and pricing expert for accounting professionals, Loren Fogelman.

Many accounting professionals want to free themselves from the dollar per hour trap. Rather than investing in software and additional technology, shift from ala-carte services to packages.

Clients prefer packages to the hourly billing model. That’s because each package has a fixed length, scope and price. Your clients invest in a solution-focused system that fits their specific needs.

Packages offer a win-win for you and your clients. You price packages according to value rather than time. This one move reduces the need to justify your rates. It offers the potential to scale and grow over time without additional hours spent working. That’s why firms across the globe now offer packages.

Get practical strategies on how to overcome the biggest challenges that accounting professionals face as they switch to packages and value based pricing. You will receive tailored feedback on how to immediately integrate value based pricing into your firm.

Learning Objectives:
• 3 key insights to ease your transition to value based pricing
• 5 steps to start developing your packages today
• The #1 biggest mistake accounting professionals make as they switch to value pricing.

Instructor: Loren Fogelman
Length (in minutes): 100
Level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced): Basic
Prerequisites: Recommended: Develop a Highly Profitable Niche for Your Accounting Practice
CPE Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
CPE Hours: 2
EA/AFSP CE Hours: 0
Topic Category: Practice Advancemnet


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