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Woodard Groups allow accounting professionals and other small business advisors to interact throughout the year at a local level, leading to the development of highly impactful, long-term professional relationships. In addition to networking opportunities, the local meetings offer in-depth training and the opportunity to cross refer services.

Woodard Groups foster deep, long-term peer relationships between small business advisors and small business owners. By interacting through the year – and at a local level – the professional relationships our members build in local groups are unique and highly dynamic.

San Francisco East Bay Woodard Group

Group Leader:

David Gutierrez

Meeting Frequency:


Meeting Location:

Varies ( Contact David )

Looking back, as I write this bio for co-leading the SF Woodard Group, I realize that my journey of giving started in my first year of Jr. High. People invited me to share my talents and skills, of which I didn’t even realize I had, and their invites and encouragement started me on what is turning out to be a lifetime of creating opportunities for people to share their skills, talents, and provide their contributions to their communities.

I have been part of, co-founded, and founded almost countless groups and organizations where people are invited to show up and share who they are as a human. Yes,  even in business settings. Sure, I get a lot back by creating and working with others and so it’s a symbiotic life I lead with my colleagues and friends. And, now in this new leg on a lifetime journey commences, so I look forward to working with you, mixing our skills to create that which is bigger and beyond ourselves.

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Group Leaders:

Alexa Gregory
Patty Ramus
Della Welch
Annette Bevers

Meeting Frequency:


Meeting Location:

 3100 Oak Road, Suite 350 Walnut Creek, CA 94597

The East Bay Group of Northern California is devoted to supporting a core member base of bookkeepers, accountants, and advisors that serve clients using QuickBooks. Our goal is to foster networking relationships, share technical information, cross refer services, exchange business strategies, learn from live and web-delivered training in an interactive group setting, and develop relationships in the small business community.

We conduct live meetings every other month (February, April, June, August, October, and December) in Walnut Creek, CA and include time for networking, one or more presentations, and discussion of topics relevant to our clients and practices.

Members and guests are typically QuickBooks ProAdvisors, bookkeepers, CPAs, and other advisors to the small business community.  Guests are welcome to join us to see if this group is right for you. For information about this group, please e-mail:

If you’d like help joining a group or finding one close to your location, please let us know.

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