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Five Time Sucks and How to Overcome Them

We all have good intentions to be focused, efficient and not let anything get in our way during our workday. But, sometimes and it happens more often than we may care to admit we inevitably allow certain time wasters to derail us. None of us are immune! But, it’s in how we deal with the so-called “time sucks” that makes the difference between being able to stay focused or getting “pulled down the rabbit hole” where we end up getting little or nothing done. In this workshop, I share five common time sucks along with my recommendations on overcoming them.

Learning Objectives:
• Discuss each time suck and why each of these situations contributes to wasted time, scattered focus, and decreased productivity and efficiency:
• Internet / Social Media
• Email
• Document Management
• Interruptions / Inefficiencies / Distractions
• Taking on too much / Saying YES to Everything
• Discussing ways to overcome each time suck which will help attendees overcome these obstacles and help them become more efficient, focused, and productive
• Extended Discussion / Case Study on how I overcame one or two of these areas in ways in which the participants can relate (my top 2 choices is emphasizing CALENDLY for scheduling and GOOGLE VOICE for screening calls and acting as my business main phone # but I am open to the suggestions of those reviewing these proposals!
• Time for audience Q&A at the end / Wrap-up

Instructor: Kathy Grosskurth
Length (in minutes): 50
Level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced): Basic
Prerequisites: None
CPE Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE Hours: 1
EA/AFSP CE Hours: 0
Topic Category: Practice Advancemnet


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