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Consulting Your Clients through their Chronic Poverty Mindset

It’s easy to overlook our accounting clientele’s human issues, yet emotions like worry and fear permeate their businesses, keeping them from focusing on the big picture and long-term success. Many of our customers struggle with a chronic poverty mindset, in which cash flow problems are a part of day-to-day life. Reactive, immediate relief from these pressures, such as borrowing money or throwing a clearance sale to pull together cash for payroll and rent, do not solve the long-term problem; they can actually worsen things by encouraging short-term solutions that perpetuate the downward spiral. This cost-cutting for short-term results is the same mindset that prevents customers from coming to their accounting professionals for help and assistance. What can you do to help break this poverty mindset with your customers? This session will show you how to utilize your advisory capacity to help.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to recognize customers chronic poverty mindset issues and address them at their source
• Discover how to help banish toxic thinking and formulate business development plans that will empower your customers to succeed
• Understand how a poverty mindset limits the potential for client success

Instructor: Ingrid Edstrom
Length (in minutes): 100
Level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced): Basic
Prerequisites: None
CPE Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE Hours: 2
EA/AFSP CE Hours: 0
Topic Category: Client Transformation


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