Bring Your Team Together

Microsoft Teams is one of the best additions to the Microsoft stack in years. In this session, you will learn how you can use Microsoft Teams application to organize workflows, communications, [...]

Dashboard Design Workshop

Are you a data nerd – or want to explore your nerdy side? Try your hand at creating a real dashboard or data visualization on actual QuickBooks data! Learn about dashboard design principles [...]

Excel Techniques for QuickBooks

Save time and frustration importing and exporting data in QuickBooks using Excel.  This session will focus on Excel operations and functions to make the import process to QuickBooks efficient and [...]

Getting “Old” Data into QBO

Ever have a client call up and need three years of data entered into QBO? The client wants past history in from another platform? This class will show you how to easily get data into QBO so you [...]

Helping Clients Navigate the Changing World of Data Privacy

With the recent enactment of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), data privacy is becoming a focus of clients. As clients begin [...]

Introduction to building your own QBO dashboards with Power BI

We introduce you to a tool first available 5 years ago that allows you to show metrics from QuickBooks information side by side with other information curated in Excel. Learning Objectives: • [...]

Introduction to Zapier

You’ve heard everyone talking about Zapier’s non-code workflow integration platform but what exactly is it and how can help you to automate your internal and client processes? Heather [...]

Power Query 201 – Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Use of Power Query

In this session we help you take Power Query to the next level by empowering you with workarounds for common scenarios. Learning Objectives: • Show scenarios that can result in users getting [...]

Preventing QuickBooks Desktop File Corruptions

QuickBooks Desktop files can become corrupted fairly easily – and you simply can’t tell as a user! There is a lot you can do to prevent serious and unrecoverable file issues, saving [...]

Scaling your Practice with QuickBooks Online Advanced

Discover how using QuickBooks Online Advance will help you scale your practice while streamlining workflows for your customers and therefore measuring profitability more accurately. You’ll [...]

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