Scaling New Heights 2020 SPONSORS

Scaling New Heights 2020 will feature over 120 exhibitors, allowing you to explore a wide range of cutting-edge technology innovations designed for the small to medium-sized business space.

Most solutions integrate with leading accounting platforms (like QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online).

The list below represents a fraction of the sponsors participating in Scaling New Heights 2020.

Check back regularly as we continue to expand the list of solutions and services featured at Scaling New Heights!

Conference Partner


We thank Intuit for its long term partnership with the annual Scaling New Heights conference. Intuit began its partnership with Scaling New Heights in 2013 – our 5th year – and is one of only four companies to sponsor Scaling New Heights since its inception in 2009.

Thank you Intuit for all you do for Scaling New Heights and for small business advisors across the globe!

Elite Partner

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

Patriot Software provides fast, simple, and affordable accounting and payroll software.  As an Accountant, CPA or …

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Bookkeeper, you can earn more revenue when you join our Royalty Program.  Process payroll for your clients as a Certified Advisor for only $10/ client/month and $.50 per employee. Accounting is $6.25/ client/month. There is no charge to sign up.

Premium Sponsors

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

BQE Software, the maker of BQE Core®, is trusted by more than 400,000 professionals worldwide. BQE Core uses automation and …

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artificial intelligence to centralize and streamline the way accounting professionals and their clients enter and use information for business intelligence, time and expenses, billing, project management, and accounting. This gives them the speed and insight necessary to rapidly make informed decisions, increase productivity, and grow profits. Backed by award-winning specialists and featuring integrations with QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight, and Xero, Core is the complete solution for professional service firms looking to get ahead with the latest technology.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors is the leading business payments network with 3 million members processing over $52 billion per year in payment volume.

Read More helps businesses connect and do business by saving them more than 50 percent of the time typically spent on financial back-office operations. partners with four of the top 10 largest U.S. banks, more than half of the top 100 accounting firms, major accounting software providers including Intuit and Xero, and is the preferred provider of digital payments solutions for, the technology arm of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). Recognized as one of San Francisco Business Times’ and Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “2018 Best Places to Work,” is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company has $200M in funding with its most recent investors including Temasek and JP Morgan Chase.


Receipt Bank is a strategic partner of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Receipt Bank is an award-winning productivity tool that …

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that helps bookkeepers do more with less. You’ll take control of ALL of your client’s source documents and eliminate the pain of data entry from your bookkeeping. Rated 5-stars on you’ll be able to manage all of your clients in one location. The key data will be extracted from your clients receipts, bills and credit notes and synced with QuickBooks Online. Thousands of accounting firms around the world use Receipt Bank to deliver a seamless and effortless bookkeeping experience to their clients. Stop by the Receipt Bank booth and find out more about effortless bookkeeping and awesome automation.

Diamond Sponsors


As the largest Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) provider for the professional services sector, AbacusNext helps legal and

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accounting professionals achieve ultimate success and peace of mind through the delivery of a complete suite of compliance-ready technology solutions designed to support a secure and cloud-enabled practice at a cost they can afford. Our portfolio of turnkey solutions includes hardware, software and infrastructure on a pay as you go model; Practice Management, Client Resource Management (CRM), Payment Processing, Email, Desktop-as-a-Service, and Managed IT. We were founded on one simple concept: improving the lives of professionals through the use of technology. Our competencies serve to simplify the adoption, implementation, and management of technology to quickly increase revenues, reduce costs, and maximize efficiencies, while keeping security and compliance at the forefront. Since 1983, we have delivered on-demand services to over 1.5 million users worldwide, and are recognized by Forbes as one of America’s fastest growing companies.


You do more than accounting. We do more than payroll. Companies of all types and sizes around the world rely on …

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ADP®’s cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people. HR. Talent. Benefits. Payroll. Compliance. Working together to build a better workforce.

ADP® offers accounting professionals’ data insights and flexible partnership options to help increase revenue for your firm, along with anytime access to authorized client data, a seamless general ledger interface and complimentary practice tools with our award-winning cloud solution Accountant ConnectSM

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

At Method, we believe that your CRM should be the center of gravity for all of your critical business operations. That’s why we’ve built a …

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CRM that not only has deep integration with QuickBooks but also can be completely tailored to meet even the most unique needs of your business. Whether you are a manufacturing company that needs better inventory tracking or a construction company that must deliver more accurate estimates, Method has a solution for you.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

For QuickBooks users, the flexible combination of QuickBooks and Fishbowl can grow along with your company.

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Fishbowl Manufacturing® and Fishbowl Warehouse® are available directly from Fishbowl and from a growing network of partners throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Fishbowl is also the developer of Boxstorm®, an online inventory management solution that is available on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone with an Internet connection. There is nothing to download or server to maintain. There are four versions, from Boxstorm Forever Free to Ultimate™. The free version allows you to save, scan, move, and cycle count your inventory, and is the first truly free inventory solution to integrate with QuickBooks Online.


intY is an award-winning pioneer for the distribution of Cloud services from the biggest Cloud software vendors in …

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… the world, including Microsoft, Acronis and Symantec. CASCADE, intY’s self-service portal and the original Cloud Marketplace, enables partners to seamlessly order and manage Cloud services for their customers 24/7. This is all underpinned by intY’s phenomenal people and exceptional multi-vendor support.
Since it was founded in 1997, intY has developed unparalleled expertise and knowledge in distributing Cloud services, ensuring that partners have access to the latest Cloud solutions at a competitive price, with the training and support to go to market fast. intY’s breadth of experience and success in the Cloud marketplace is reflected not only in its global reach, with operations in the UK, US and main-land Europe, but also in the depth of its partnerships with the biggest names in the industry. Winning Cloud Distributor of the Year two years in a row at the CRN Awards, Best Service Provider at the 2018 Global Acronis Partner Awards, and Finalist for CRN’s Best Company to Work For 2018, it is a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, Microsoft Gold Partner, Symantec’s 2017 Partner of the Year & first Cloud aggregator partner and an Acronis Platinum partner. For more information, please see:


Neat is the perfect expense-tracking and pre-accounting tool for Accountants and Bookkeepers (and their clients)! Neat provides a … 

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hub for you to gather all your clients’ expense documentation and process it through your favorite tax preparation tools.

Offering multiple capture methods, including mobile capture, scanning, email-in, and import, Neat makes it simple for small business owners to digitize their expense data. Multi-account access allows you (their Accountant or Bookkeeper) to access, manage, and take action upon your clients’ data with a single sign-on.


We help you visualize and analyze client accounting data in dashboards and reports. Translate profit/loss statement …

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… and other financial reports into easy to understand and automated visualizations and plain business language. We help you analyze client data /results against industry standards and more than 30+ benched marked KPIs. We’ll help you identify potential client issue, so you can up-sale advisory services and help your clients become more profitable.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

Right Networks gets your current accounting-based desktop and legacy applications into the cloud, so it’s easier—and more secure …

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… to share sensitive documents and data with your clients. This new flexibility allows you to cost-effectively grow your business and even reach new geographies. We know your reputation is on the line, so go with a solution that is backed by Intuit.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors is your trusted resource for business incorporation, LLC filings, and …

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Corporate Compliance Services in all 50 states. Through the CorpNet Partner Program, Accountants, CPAs, Bookkeepers, and QB ProAdvisors can add value as a trusted professional and start offering Incorporation, LLC filings, and corporate compliance services to their clients in any state. CorpNet white-labels all paperwork and offers wholesale pricing to Reseller partners or offers a commission to each referral partner helping to streamline the incorporation and compliance process for all. Become a Corpnet program partner at: Visit or call 1-888-449-2638 for more info!

Gold Sponsors


Botkeeper – Better than humans, better than machines. Automated bookkeeping with …

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a human touch. Botkeeper provides bookkeeping to businesses through automation of common bookkeeping workflows in order to save time and cut bookkeeping costs in half. Using a powerful combination of skilled accountants and automated data entry through the use of machine learning and AI, Botkeeper’s platform connects with a client’s bank accounts, credit cards, HR system, POS, and other systems, making the appropriate entries and adjustments to their QuickBooks Online accounts via 24/7 Bots. Clients receive ongoing support as well as incredible insight into their financials with easy-to-use, attractive dashboards and unlimited, customizable reporting. Real-time financial data then helps inform good business decisions. Accounting professionals/firms can offload the bookkeeping tasks (data entry, reconciliations, classifications) to Botkeeper, through their Partner Program, allowing them to focus on higher level client advisory services. Find out more at


Finagraph is the worldwide leader in financial software, helping every business eliminate …

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cash flow as a reason for failing and radically streamlining the banking and lending industry with breakthrough software.

Its flagship small business product,™ is a simple, yet powerful cash flow forecasting tool for businesses and accountants which works seamlessly with QuickBooks Online or Desktop.


eFileCabinet’s flagship product is Rubex, a cloud document management system that …

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combines advanced OCR and automation tools for digital filing and secure file sharing. Rubex not only helps businesses go paperless, but it eliminates a variety of redundant tasks and administrative functions such as manual data entry. Using templates for standard forms, new documents uploaded to Rubex are automatically named and filed in the correct folder based on the content in the document. The system can even create new folder structures as new types of documents are uploaded. Workflow tools allow you to further automate your document management processes. Rubex also provides secure file-sharing that allows you to easily send encrypted documents to anyone. A request feature also allows you to send document requests to anyone and allows them to upload them through an encrypted channel. Learn more at


Liscio is a secure cloud-based web and mobile software solution that …

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simplifies client communication and collaboration. With features including secure messaging, secure file sharing and storage, FirmView, Firm-to-One service, Mobile App, FrontDesk onboarding, e-signatures, and more, Liscio replaces vulnerable email and paperwork with an invite-only client experience platform that empowers you to become the proactive, modern firm your clients deserve. Learn more at


Knowify is a provider of industry-leading SaaS tools for running a construction …

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business. A Gartner FrontRunner and the top-rated Construction solution on the Intuit store, Knowify aims to transform an industry still stuck in the paper and spreadsheet world. Our intuitive, highly automated tools encompass all aspects of administering a construction business, from bidding to change order management, invoicing, timekeeping, scheduling and more. Knowify offers a Certified Advisor Program to help accountants enhance their knowledge of the construction industry best practices and expand their tech advisory services. Come join us in the #productivityrevolution!


Payroll and HR from OnPay let you play a bigger role with clients. Rated …

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“Excellent” by PC Magazine, we handle payroll and taxes for any client, let you set permissions, and help out with benefits. You can even sync with QuickBooks Online or Desktop and use custom account mapping to organize things your way.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

Contracts, compliance, payments – all in one. Win more clients, do less admin, boost cash flow …

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… and scale your business with practice ignition.


CollBox is the easiest way to get paid on past-due invoices. Integrate with …

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QuickBooks Online to see which accounts are collectible. Get matched with the ideal agency from our vetted network, receive a competitive rate and submit in seconds! Straightforward, risk-free revenue recovery in just 3 clicks! Learn more at


BlueVine is the fastest growing online lending solution for small business …

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owners.  We’ve lent over $1.5 billion to small businesses. BlueVine partners with Accountants!  Through our Accountant Partner Program, Accountants can provide their small business clients with access to BlueVine’s online, fast and simple Lines of Credit, Invoice Factoring, and Term Loans. Visit our booth at Scaling New Heights to learn more about our Accountant Partner Program and how BlueVine can help your clients get the funding they need to grow their businesses.


Gusto’s mission is to create a world where work empowers a better …

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life. By making the most complicated business tasks simple and personal, Gusto is re-imagining payroll, benefits and HR for modern companies. Gusto serves over 60,000 companies nationwide and works with over 4,000 accounting partners. Learn more at


Jirav delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand …

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where your business has been and predict where you’re going. The system joins your cloud-based Accounting, HR, CRM and billing data together to automatically surface a sophisticated, interconnected reporting & planning portal that is unique to your business.
The platform is built for companies looking to empower their finance functions with real-time reporting & collaboration across – bookings, billing, revenue recognition, cash flow, and workforce/expense planning – to get the answers they need, fast. Learn more aT


LivePlan gives you powerful forecasting & reporting tools for delivering advisory …

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services. The LivePlan Method teaches you the best way to offer those services to your clients and offers everything you need to build and scale a profitable Advisory Practice. LivePlan offers trainings on how to package, price, and deliver advisory services. The trainings will take you step by step and teach you how to implement a  system for strategic advising. We cover everything you need: software, the method, and the guidelines for you to deliver advisory services efficiently and profitably. Learn more at


LOCATE is a scalable, cloud-based inventory management and manufacturing …

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solution designed to help growing businesses succeed in the QuickBooks ecosystem. LOCATE’s ERP-level features and dynamic workflows bring efficiency and productivity to larger companies, while summarized accounting keeps QuickBooks running lean and clean.


PROPLE is a business solutions provider with expertise and in-depth experience in …

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the areas of Finance and Accounting, Tax Services, Human Resources/Payroll, and Data Management Services. Its client portfolio includes multinational and established clients based in the Asia Pacific Region, Canada and the United States. Prople provides value adding, cost efficient solutions and services enabling its clients to achieve its business goals for more than a decade now.


Qbox is one of the fastest growing QuickBooks (desktop) real-time collaboration …

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resources, providing a simple, affordable and secure way to share files with an unlimited number of remote users.

Many people are moving their accounting to the cloud choosing between a hosted option or a SaaS solution. However, not everyone is ready to make that transition and in some cases, prefer a solution that would utilize the best of the cloud to simplify sharing their desktop files. Find out why a growing number of Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Owners are choosing Qbox as their preferred resource for sharing their QuickBooks files.


SKYLINE Cloud Services is a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution that enables …

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Small Business to significantly reduce their IT management costs. As an Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosting Partner, SKYLINE delivers the full-featured desktop version of QuickBooks alongside other top Small Business software. For Resellers looking for products that augment or compliment their Cloud offerings, SKYLINE provides an excellent, turnkey solution that can deliver an immediate and recurring revenue stream. Learn more at

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

Check printing software onto blank check stock and a Check Printing Service to …

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print checks straight from QuickBooks to our Printing Service with no additional keystrokes. We print, fold, seal, stamp, and mail your checks for you.

Silver Plus Sponsors


Analytix Solutions combines robust accounting expertise with innovative technologies to …

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deliver integrated solutions customized for your practice.  As a single source financial solutions provider, Analytix partners with firms to offer clients a range of bookkeeping and accounting services. Depending on your practice’s needs, we can function as bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, business advisors, and part-time CFOs. We also have a team of experts who can perform accounting systems’ integrations.  Our accounting solutions are scalable during peak periods, including tax deadlines, providing flexibility in bandwidth. Leveraging our services allows you to refocus on the more strategic aspects of your business or expand service offerings without adding overhead.  Our professionals can work directly with your clients, or we can deliver private label services so that the relationship is completely managed by your firm. For more information on Analytix Solutions, visit us at


AP Intego uncomplicates the purchase, use, and renewal of insurance for …

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small business owners so they can optimize coverage and run their businesses with continued confidence. We provide our nearly 300 partners a technology-enabled, turnkey insurance agency offering. We deliver best-fit, best-price coverage, award-winning customer service, and flexible, streamlined billing to more than 48,000 small business customers in all 50 states. For information, please visit us at


Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional …

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taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and other tax types. The company delivers comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions that are designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

In 2008, Corrigo partnered with Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM), a cloud …

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hosted, SaaS solution. IFSM automates tasks for service providers and their employees. It provides online work order creation, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, collections, and mobile communication. IFSM integrates with all versions of QuickBooks.


Aero Workflow gives you the tools you need to take your firm’s knowledge capital and … 

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put it to work. Your processes and procedures are integrated into your tasks, making your firm efficient, scalable and profitable. With Aero, you’re confident that client work won’t slip through the cracks. One-time projects, recurring tasks, client emergencies — even email – are all seamlessly integrated into one list, so you and your staff have a clear view of what needs to get done today.


CheckRun is the modernized, highly customizable check printing and … 

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payment management system made specifically for QuickBooksTM Online users by AP Technology, pioneers in payments since 1989. CheckRun requires no technical expertise, which means you can be printing checks in minutes. CheckRun offers a QuickBooks-familiar interface and adds multiple layers of payment security that includes Positive Pay, secure QR codes, secure font, a micro line and more. Its mobile app enables remote check approvals, signing, and notifications—right on your mobile device. CheckRun allows your business to use pre-printed checks, or our more secure (and less expensive) blank check stock that provides your business with several beautiful, stylized, bank-quality check options for a more sophisticated and safe business image. Manage multiple companies in one easy interface and feel secure that CheckRun contains the same technology that AP Technology uses to protect Million-dollar payments for its bank and business customers.


ClockShark is the leading time tracking and scheduling software built for …

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local construction, field service and franchises that want a simpler way to track mobile employee time, run payroll quickly and accurately, and understand job costs. Over 4,000 customers have replaced the hassle of paper timesheets with software that makes it easier to run their business and keeps accountants happy. Don’t take our word for it, start a free trial today!


Driven by superior technology, eProdigy works with all facets of the alternative …

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finance industry to provide our clients with comprehensive business funding and servicing solutions. A proven leader in the merchant cash advance space, a front and back end software solution, automated underwriting, and ACH processing. Headquartered in New York City’s Financial District, our companies – Capital Stack, ACH Capital, ACHBanking, 1Workforce, and Daily Funder provide our clients, funders, merchants and syndicate partners with a comprehensive suite of options for small and mid sized businesses.


Divvy is a financial software company that helps businesses modernize payment …

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processes and expense management. With Divvy, customers can manage payments and subscriptions with integrated virtual and physical corporate credit cards, with each tied to dynamic limits controlled by centrally managed budgets. Divvy centralizes budget management, delegates payment process, automates expense management, and gives financial leaders real-time control over spending.


A founder of contact management and CRM solutions for businesses of …

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all sizes. An all in one product that can be set up for basic or advanced use. Years of proven features and integration with products Office 365 and QuickBooks. On premise & hosted options.

Simple | Affordable | Proven


MarginEdge is the only solution to fully automate A/P and sales entries to …

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uickBooks for accountants and their restaurant clients. Our platform lets you spend more time adding value and less time on data entry and repetitive tasks.

In addition to MarginEdge saving you countless hours and increasing your profitability, your restaurant clients benefit from a powerful tool that lets them eliminate much of their back office paperwork and streamline how they take inventory, manage recipes and track food/liquor usage.

The MarginEdge solution is highly unique, as so many restaurants and their accountants have already learned – we now work with close to 1000 restaurants in 34 states.


Discover the power you can add to your recurring invoices and payments in …

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QuickBooks® Online & Desktop with Recur360®, powered by OUT OF THE BOX TECHNOLOGY. Recur360® was built for QuickBooks® Desktop and QuickBooks® Online as a Recurring Customer Invoicing, Customer Payments and Accounts Receivable Collections platform. We enhance, simplify and automate the process of setting up recurring invoices to your customers, processing payments against those invoices via Credit Card or ACH, emailing the invoices/payments to the customers as well as posting them into QuickBooks®. If you don’t have recurring invoicing needs, you can use Recur360® as a collections tool to automate email notifications to customers to pay invoices online via our Customer Pay Online Portal. For Enterprise customers that have front end systems or custom software packages that are used to manage your business, Recur360® can be used as an integrator or middleware to sync transactions between your system and QuickBooks®.


Procurify is purchasing software that allows you to gain control of and …

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visibility into your organization’s spending. Enhance your existing accounting systems, and easily set up customizable approval flows to curb those surprise invoices. With a simple and friendly interface, Procurify is software your team will actually want to use.Procurify makes life better for over 300 companies.That’s $7.1 Billion of spending now under control.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

Qvinci is the leading provider of automated financial reporting, business … 

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intelligence, data collection, data consolidation, account mapping and workflow management solutions for the accounting, franchising and multi-unit business markets who use QuickBooks, Xero and Excel. Our patented technology empowers decision-makers and their trusted advisors with secure and automated “ERP-like” capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity. Qvinci’s reporting solutions allow executives to monitor and compare the financial performance of single and multi-unit businesses by providing them access to intuitive financial insights, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and increased profits.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

Fujitsu is an established leader in the document imaging market, featuring …

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… state-of-the-art scanning solutions.  These scanners deliver speed, image quality, and superior paper handling to optimize business processes. If you’re looking for a small and simple scanning solution, our ScanSnap mobile scanners bring productivity and efficient to the compact size for convenient travel use and affordability. Check out our ScanSnap iX series scanners that come with built-in Wi-Fi, duplex multi-sheet scanning and has dramatically improved speed and image quality for best-in class performance.


Tipalti provides a holistic, multi-entity accounts payable solution that … 

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includes a brand-able supplier portal, touch-less invoice processing, PO matching, tax compliance, global payment remittance, high-adoption early payments, and bi-directional payment reconciliation. Tipalti is trusted by Amazon, Houzz, GoDaddy, Roku, Twitter, and hundreds of other innovative companies looking to transform payables and focus on more strategic efforts and growth. Organizations that employ Tipalti typically reduce 80% of their supplier payments workflow and move towards a cost-neutral payables operation. Learn more at


The VARC Incentive Partner Program (VIPP) is a referral program for … 

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CPAs, ProAdvisors, and others who sell Intuit products.  The program allows its members to earn rewards for the recommendations/sales that they are already making to their clients. There is no cost nor minimum certification level required to join the Program, and Partners receive numerous benefits.  They are given have access to the VIPP Portal, where they can track orders, see their commissions, and obtain useful information to help them with sales.  Partners are also listed in the QSP Location System.  Ongoing training and assistance with sales is available.  Partners have access to the most up-to-date information on promotions from Intuit, allowing them to present the best prices to their customers.  VARC Solutions is committed to helping our Partners with the highest level of sales assistance, allowing them to provide their clients with the best solutions available.


XCM® offers a complete productivity enablement and workflow platform that … 

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empowers you to manage all types of work, within all departments, and/or across multiple offices.

Our solutions include XCMworkflow, XCMscheduler, XCMportal, XCMmobile, Xpitax Tax & CAS Outsourcing, and Analytics as a Service —all designed by tax and accounting process experts to help you work more efficiently and effectively in a digital environment.

XCM is an open platform system that works horizontally across tax, accounting, finance, audit, and operations applications. We manage millions of processes per year, enabling professionals to complete more work, in less time, with greater quality. Our device and browser-agnostic cloud solutions offer real-time anywhere, anytime access to work. Though we integrate with several popular tax and accounting packages, the real payback is through your greatest asset—your people. Learn more at

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Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

gotomyerp is an international leader in fully managed cloud hosting …

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specializing in QuickBooks, Sage, SAP and all related 3rd Party integrations. gotomyerp cares for each customer by providing them their own private network and computing resources, nothing is ever shared. Their global support and infrastructure allow customers from micro to enterprise, where everything just works. No setup charges and the first 30 days are free!


Guaranteed Lowest Prices In The Nation On Business Checks, Deposit Tickets & …

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CHECKSFORLESS.COM is one of the best-known online brands for providing small businesses with laser and manual business checks, deposit tickets, and other business banking supply needs. Compare our prices to Intuit & Deluxe and save your clients over 40% on Quickbooks compatible laser checks & deposit tickets. CHECKSFORLESS.COM Affiliate Advantage helps you earn a 15% commission on a wide variety of qualifying products. The best part is you don’t have to take their order! Just simply refer your clients to us, and we’ll take it from there.

spnsr_silver_efileforbiz is a leading IRS-authorized transmitter, offering you

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the best value in online 1099 and W-2 e-filing services.  As an industry leader and pioneer, we’ve made online processing of 1099s and W-2s more convenient and economical than paper forms and installed software.  We offer comprehensive processing of tax information forms, including printing, mailing, and optional electronic delivery to your recipients, and electronic filing with the IRS and SSA.  Features include tiered pricing, Excel, QuickBooks, Xero and other API integration tools for uploading data, and state-of-the-art security. Our customers choose us because our service is quick, easy, cost-effective, reliable, and secure. Learn more at


Justworks helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence by giving … 

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them access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools, and compliance support — all in one place.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

The Landy Insurance Agency developed the first Professional Liability insurance … 

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program specifically for Accounting professionals in 1962. We possess a level of experience and expertise that is unmatched in the insurance industry, offering complete and customized professional insurance programs including Professional Liability (E&O), Cybercrime, Fiduciary Bonds, Workers Compensation & more. Coverage features are expansive and innovative for sole practitioners to large firms and we offer world-class, personalized service.


PlanGuru helps thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and their advisors …

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… drive better decision making through budgeting, forecasting, & performance review. Build intelligent, dynamic, financial forecasts.

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

Founded in 1998, QBExpress is a national co-op of Accounting and Bookkeeping firms …

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who share resources to build a better business. Our program includes a comprehensive marketing system (branded for your firm) customized to promote your QuickBooks services. Using your logo and branding, we create email content, social media content, website content and SEO, print media, etc. and design your marketing calendar with year-round guidance. Use our QuickBooks training system (includes student and instructor manuals branded for your firm, PPT, marketing materials, training boot camp, etc.) to develop a consistent revenue stream that will consistently fill your funnel with new clients. Stop by our booth for detailed information!

Scaling New Heights 2020 – Sponsors

QBO Hero provides accurate data conversion services from numerous accounting …

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software platforms such as converting from QuickBooks Desktop, Quicken, Xero, Sage, Creative Solutions, and others to QuickBooks Online. In addition, we offer QuickBooks Online and other software application solutions. QBO Hero has successfully completed hundreds of conversions over the past 5 years for many firms. Come visit us at BOOTH 103 to discuss how we can help you get to where you want to be!


Automated data processing using optical character recognition software. Learn more at …

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Be a hero to your client. Autymate can help. The Autymate platform is …

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made up of three components: App Generator, Dashboard Reporting and tight Integrations. Want to build a one-of-a-kind app for your client without having to know any code in just minutes? Does your client need beautiful dashboards that are customized specifically for them? Need help integrating your client’s systems? These three processes are possible with one solution: Autymate. Be a hero to your client. Learn more at


Billbeez simplifies startups and SMBs’ financial operations by automating daily tasks and …

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connecting accountants, lenders and vendors to one unified overview. Learn more at


Biller Genie is the invoice-getting, automatic-reminding, all-in-one solution that …

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quickly and seamlessly connects with popular accounting software including QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and more. Biller Genie automatically sends and tracks invoices, reconciles payments, improves cash flow, and eliminates duplicate work. All while saving time and protecting the bottom-line, so merchants can stay focused on what’s important—growing their business.

Biller Genie puts invoicing and A/R busywork on auto pilot so merchants can spend their time and talent where it counts— inventing, creating, collaborating and growing—not chasing payments.  With seven different payment reminders and an integrated late fee manager, merchants can create automated follow-up schedules that improve cash flow by automating busywork.  Biller Genie also gives customers a familiar, easy-to-use, and secure place to make debit, credit, or ACH payments 24/7 in a merchant-branded customer portal.

Biller Genie—we do our thing so our you can do yours. Learn more at


Broadly’s customer engagement platform helps businesses manage leads, facilitate …

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communication with today’s customers, and generate online reviews. Our mobile first approach enables owners and managers to run their businesses from anywhere in real-time. Thousands of local businesses depend on Broadly every day.


Chetu offers custom software development services to the accounting …

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industry. TThe company houses elite programmers with expertise in tax preparation software utilizing cloud-based and mobile solutions. Chetu’s software services including integrationof programming with third-party AP apps such as QuickBooks, bank reconciliation, plus credit card processing systems. For more info:


Client Hub is firm-branded communication platform that makes client interaction … 

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simple, secure and delightful.

For your clients, it is a modern web and mobile app that allows them to interact with your team, as well as share and access files, applications and resources.

For your team, Client Hub eliminates communication silos, helps them get faster responses to outstanding client questions, and increases their productivity.

For your practice, Client Hub sets it apart from others by enabling an amazing client experience. Learn more at


Cloud Pricing: The new way to price your accounting and bookkeeping services …

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Accounting professionals are working far too many hours for far too little reward.  The answer is really simple. We must adopt the new pricing model that enables us to get properly rewarded for the value we bring.

Cloud Pricing makes it so easy for you to sell more accounting and bookkeeping services to more clients at better prices.  Is allows you to tap into the power of VALUE PRICING.  Cloud pricing allows you to:

  • Present your clients with a range of options
  • Give your clients a value-based fixed price
  • Tap into the power of price psychology using carefully chosen price points that maximize your profit
  • Systematically cross sell related services, so clients buy more from you


Our vision is to attract the most talented mompreneurs globally, reconnect families …

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and offer the highest value in the market to entrepreneurs through personalized care, timely communication and accurate services.
CPA MOMS empowers talented CPA mompreneurs who want to have both a career and a family, provides entrepreneurs with accurate & affordable accounting & tax services nationwide, and puts family first.


DataNinja helps you run Inventory and Manufacturing operations with control, visibility, and …

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trace-ability. Affordably automate away error-prone, manual data entry. Stop using spreadsheets to stay ahead of inventory operations. Learn more at


FileCenter is fast becoming the top scanning and document management software, …

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especially in small offices. FileCenter combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It also includes OCR, Search, and white labeled Client Portal. For online file access, it even itegrates with popular cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more.


First Capitol is a RegTech company that unlocks the value of workforce … 

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data. We provide services to optimize risk management and regulatory compliance, workforce management, data quality management and financial performance optimization, all powered by the use of a proprietary data consolidation process and regulatory risk models. Our regulatory services include ACA Compliance, Pay Equity Auditing and Analytics and Employment Tax Credits. Learn more at


GruntWorx is a 1040 tax automation technology to help tax preparers increase … 

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overall productivity and profitability by providing a secure, web-based application that automates the tasks of organizing and populating tax data.


ICAT Systems delivers DCAA compliance software, training and support to help … 

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growing businesses confidently compete for and manage government contracts. Our ICAT software integrates with QuickBooks to satisfy Federal contract cost accounting requirements while giving you financial insights to manage contracts and plan for growth. ICAT Systems’ live and on-demand training programs provide practical knowledge to comply with Federal accounting regulations. Learn more at:


Keap exists to help small businesses succeed! Grow and scale through … 

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advanced automation using Infusionsoft by Keap – The #1 all-in-one CRM and advanced marketing automation platform. Manage clients and leads better with Keap’s easy-to-use, smart client management software that helps turn incoming leads into satisfied clients.

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The only tax & bookkeeping training in English y en Español. Our …

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Courses are designed for those tax professionals who serve Spanish speaking clients and need Spanish speaking tax preparers. We use a unique interactive e-book and online training system. Learn more at


Manage your inventory, service, data, staff, and customer relationships …

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… with a single technology provider


We’ve reimagined the legal billing workflow & built it the way it should …

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be: with a complete integration to QuickBooks Online. A lawyer enters time once and from there, the data automatically gets pushed to invoicing and then to QuickBooks. But LeanLaw isn’t only for lawyers; it’s also for their bookkeepers and accountants. Data is always in sync, which means no more need for two sets of books. It also means the manual work for accounting pros, think trust accounts, has become obsolete and they now have more access to data. LeanLaw shows accounting pros that their value is more than reconciliation: if you can reveal insights from the data to your clients, you will help them succeed in the operation of their law firms. LeanLaw provides the perfect professional marriage between lawyers and accounting professionals: The lawyer gets to work with LeanLaw’s clean user-interface, using only the necessary features and the accounting pros can work within QuickBooks. Learn more at

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Live Oak Bank specializes in lending to accounting and tax professionals. When …

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considering an acquisition, succession, recruitment, working capital or commercial real estate, contact our team.


Streamline your clients’ sales tax compliance once and for all. With …

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LumaTax, you don’t need to dread sales tax work (or worse – send your client
down the street to a competitor). Add “sales tax compliance expert” to your resume
instantly and forever do away with a complicated, time-consuming client service.
LumaTax completely automates sales tax preparation, filing, and payments for your
clients. And yes, we integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.


Strategic advisory tools for your firm. Stop by Booth 7! Our engaging  …

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business e-learning programs help you build the advisory side of your firm. As part of The Mastery Network, you will be plugged directly into the latest business insight and advancement via our members and their knowledge. Want to remove the fog out of adding consulting and advisory services in your firm? Chat with us at our booth or visit our website.


Mark Wickersham – Chartered Accountant, public speaker and #1 best-selling …

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author – is known as the most sought-after profit improvement expert in the accounting community.  He is famous for helping accounting firms double their profits in less than 18 months without having to work harder or do any uncomfortable marketing.
Mark is also a widely published author on practice issues. In May 2011 his first book, “Effective Pricing for Accountants”, was a number 1 Amazon best-seller. His other books include, “A Practical Approach to Value Pricing” and “How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business”, both of which have been widely acclaimed.
Mark has over 100 recommendations from accountants on LinkedIn; CONNECT with him on LinkedIn to get access to free resources Mark has created for accountants in practice. Learn more at


MAUS Business Systems is a leading publisher of cloud business software …

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software targeted to SME’s (small to medium sized businesses) and Business Advisors & Accountants. MAUS publishes one of the largest ranges of management software titles in the world. These multi – award winning business tools are now being used by more than 60,000 companies around the globe. The company also develops nationally accredited training programs and has sold resources to universities around the world.

These solutions cover

• Business Planning & KPI Dashboard
• Financials & Cash flow
• Exit & Succession Planning
• HR Management Systems
• Business Advisory Accredited Training Program

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Helping small to medium size manufacturers maximize their efficiency is …

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… all we do. In fact, over the last 30 years MISys has helped more than 7,000 manufacturers take control of their business. Imagine being able to anticipate item shortages before they happen; Being able to tell the difference in what is on the shelf, what’s reserved for incoming orders and what’s needed for production. What if you could know what to make and when to make it, and what to buy and when to buy it? All of this is possible with MISys Manufacturing’s easy to use intuitive software platform. MISys seamlessly integrated with both QuickBooks® and Sage® accounting products, helping you reduce errors and save time! Any because MISys is modular in design, it is affordable and right-sized for your business. Efficiency is closer than you think with MISys Manufacturing.


OmniMerchant is a cloud based, white label QuickBooks integration …

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platform that syncs multiple ERP, payment gateway, Ecommerce and CRM systems, automates recurring billing and tedious reconciliation tasks. Business owners and accountants see immediate cost and time savings. Set up is quick and easy, 7 steps in just 7 minutes!


Membership organization of the most elite accountants, bookkeepers and …

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…business coaches who have helped drive profit in over 100,000+ companies globally. Discover how you can use this powerful system as a significant service and marketing differentiation. Not only will you be helping yourself you will be helping entrepreneurs make more money in their business, eliminate debt permanently and enjoy the financial freedom that they’ve always wanted. You and your firm will instantly stand apart, becoming a strategic advisor, and never be seen as a commodity again. Learn more at


Predictive Management Made Simple …
The Profit BeaconTM is …

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the automated tool thathelps you turbocharge your clients’ accounting data for improved P&L and cash flow outcomes – quickly and easily. By equipping your practice with this robust financial advisory tool, you will help your clients make better decisions, much Faster…!
Predictive management is far superior to reactive management.  Become the hero by helping your clients to execute it.  We’ll show you how it’s done.  Come see us! Learn more at


myadvisor instantly generates beautiful management reports with plain …

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english descriptions and advice, based on your client’s QBO data. Magically convert your QuickBooks Online numbers into words – written with the expertise of a human. With the help of myadvisor, you can use your time to have insightful advisory conversations with your clients. Free 30 day trial available from


NaviBudget helps nonprofit organizations create simple, transparent budgets in …

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… minutes. Our FREE, real-time budgeting software makes it easy for everyone in your nonprofit to build budgets that are easy t ostick to, and budgeting habits that are hard to break. All so you can tackle deficits, board meetings and the mission with nerve, with know-how – with NaviBudget.


SAFEChecks specializes in check fraud prevention, and has never had a …

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check replicated and used in a check fraud scam. SAFEChecks’ strictly controlled check stock is designed with Frank Abagnale, and includes numerous security features and our unique Secure Ordering Procedures. We also offer secure yet user-friendly Check Writing, Positive Pay, and ACH software, which include Secure Name and Number Fonts to prevent fraudulent additions or alterations, signature controls, and many unique fraud prevention features. Learn more at


Seqnc provides financial modeling and business metrics software that is …

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the easiest, most flexible way to build a custom financial model online. You can develop a model for any purpose – to raise capital, plan and make operating decisions, and track performance. Our software works for any type of business, including subscription/SaaS, product, and services companies. Seqnc generates comprehensive financial and metrics projections:

– P&L, cash flow, balance sheet, and EBITDA
– Operating budget
– Capital requirements and sources/uses of capital
– Variance analysis to track actual performance against your plan.

We developed Seqnc to bridge the familiarity of a spreadsheet with the power of a cloud application. Our expertise comes from having built numerous financial models for a variety of applications and industries. Get started today at


Rewind backs up and protects the data that is driving your business, from your …

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email marketing to your accounting data. Our focus is on backing up data that lives in the cloud – specifically in apps like QuickBooks Online, Shopify, BigCommerce, Mailchimp and Klaviyo.


xtraCHEF is a cloud-based restaurant management platform designed …

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to automate manual, time-consuming back-office tasks typically performed by bookkeepers and restaurant staff.

Leveraging best-in-class technologies and a deep understanding of restaurant finance and operations, xtraCHEF digitizes, itemize and categorize invoice data and uses that data to improve purchase decisions, streamline the supply chain, and drive profitability. We provide the tools for you and your restaurant clients to improve visibility and control costs. Easily monitor price fluctuations, automatically reconcile periodic vendor statements and configure AP Approval workflows.

We integrate with the most commonly used systems in the restaurant industry, including QuickBooks Online & Desktop,, Xero, Intacct, Dynamics/Great Plains, Restaurant365, Compeat, ChefTec, Jonas, Toast (POS) and more.

No more wasting time, money or labor spent on old-school, paper-based processes.


Tax1099, powered by Zenwork, Inc., is an IRS-approved, cloud-based, …

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award-winning eFiling platform for 1099’s, 1095’s, W2’s, 940-series, and other forms. We offer a two-way sync for QBO, Xero, and to help with your vendor management. Our user management and workflow tools were designed with accounting firms and multiple-person bookkeeping clients in mind. Stop by our booth to check out the changes coming for the 2019 filing season! Learn more at


Tanya’s Bookkeepers Bootcamp is here to get your business in Shape. We Tighten and

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Strengthen Your Bookkeeping Business in the Cloud. Tanya is the Current Intuit Global Firm of the Future and works with bookkeeping and accounting firms across Canada and the United States. As well as being named a Hubdoc Top 50 Cloud Accountant, Top 50 Women in Accounting and a 2018 Top 100 ProAdvisor by Insightful Accountant.

This program is for Bookkeepers that want to Tighten up workflow’s and Logistics. We give the tools to execute in your business immediately.  We work with you to make sure that you see results!  When you take our program and learn from an accounting professional, we understand exactly what you need. We are here to teach you how to maximize your workflow logistics and bring your business into order.

This is for the Accounting Firm in Chaos


SOS Inventory is an inventory, order management and manufacturing app that …

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was build from the ground up to integrate with QuickBooks Online. This allows for an automatic, bi-directional syncing of data between both applications.

You can get sales orders, assemblies, serial inventory, multiple locations and much more, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing systems.

We offer multiple support channels in addition to implementation services.

Innovation Ally


Acuity Scheduling is your online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your … 

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schedule. It’s easy & user-friendly. No credit card or commitments. We promise you’ll love it! Never ask “what time works for you?” again. Clients can quickly view your real-time availability and self-book their own appointments—and even pay online, reschedule with a click, and eliminate 100% of the drudgery.

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