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10 Ways to Improve Your Client’s Cash Flow

There is a new kind of adviser in the world. The one who connects with their clients with more than just numbers. They really care about the personal, professional, and financial well-being of others. If this is you, then you are today’s adviser. This course goes beyond the ordinary list of usual suspects in solving cash flow issues and exposes a unique way to see your business through the eyes of the financials. Learn 10 ways to improve cash flow with real actionable advice on how to execute with your clients.
Learning Objectives:
• Identify 10 places to look for cash flow problems and how to get more out of your business
• Calculate how much cash is leaking from your business using a “Find Hidden Cash in Your Business” strategy
• Learn a method of communicating financial issues with your clients that strengthen your position as a “necessary adviser” to their business

Instructor: Mike Milan
Length (in minutes): 50
Level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced): Basic
Prerequisites: None
CPE Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
CPE Hours: 1
EA/AFSP CE Hours: 0
Topic Category: Client Transformation


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